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Moving irreplaceable objects demands exceptional skills and experience. That’s why when it comes to fine art moving and storage, many leading museums, galleries, auction houses, antique dealers and interior designers turn to Cadogan Tate’s Fine Art division. They even had the honour of moving the 44th President, Barack Obama and the First Family, from The White House to their new home on Inauguration Day.

Working together we have created a range of advertising and sales collateral for the Fine Art division globally. This is a selection of the work.

Cadogan Tate by Katswhiskers
Cadogan Tate
Cadogan Tate ads
Cadogan Tate campaigns adverts priceless sushi
Cadogan Tate campaigns adverts pencil fish
Cadogan Tate campaigns adverts fish ballet
Cadogan Tate postcards
Cadogan Tate by Katswhiskers
Cadogan Tate by Katswhiskers
Cadogan Tate by Katswhiskers
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Website traffic increased by 25%, with 40% coming in direct or through a ‘direct’ name search. The business development team have found that the company is understood within all product areas and the collateral and campaign continues to run and evolve. The company continues to go from strength to strength with several acquisitions and start-ups.